0Hygieia Aromatics is owned and operated by Jessica Wiehle, certified aromatherapist.  Jessica is experienced in the chemistry, drug interactions, therapeutic use and proper application of essential oils.  In addition to formulating each unique blend Hygieia offers, Jessica provides the following services:


Across the globe hospitals, nursing homes, and similar sectors are incorporating aromatherapy into their settings.  In truth, all settings can benefit from essential oils and science and research more than supports this.  Furthermore, families are demanding more holistic care with less pharmaceutical interventions.  And, companies are seeing great results when making this shift, not only for their patients and residents but also for their staff. Aromatherapy is a safe alternative that can help significantly with reducing agitation and stress, insomnia, pain and digestive issues making it a perfect non-pharmacological intervention and complementary to current pharmacological approaches.

Implementing an aromatherapy program, small or large, can be an intimidating task.  Jessica has experience building aromatherapy programs and training staff.  She offers a simple but effective approach to implementation and tailors her offerings to the needs of her clients.  Her expertise can take the pressure off so everyone involved can focus on enjoying the benefits of essential oils.  Currently she is working on a project that involves the implementation of aromatherapy into 35+ skilled nursing facilities in the Midwest, which has not only been a wonderful learning experience but incredibly fulfilling.


Aromatherapy has a profound impact on the workplace.  From reducing stress during meetings to improving productivity and focus, aromatherapy is always a huge hit among employees.  Whether your company wants to offer aromatherapy samples and products to employees, sign up for a corporate discount, host an event to promote wellness and community among  employees or  would like to offer something more specific – Jessica uses her experience, professionalism, flexibility and creativity to get you there.


Thinking about offering aromatherapy to your clients in some capacity?  Salons, massage therapists, skin care clinics and many other business models can benefit from aromatherapy.  Jessica will work with you to custom formulate signature products for your company or get you set up with products already existing in her line of aromatherapy.


An aromatherapy consultation can range from a telephone consult to a complete review of your individual health history, medication use, lifestyle and current goals.


In person and remote sessions involve a plan that incorporates health and wellness recommendations with an emphasis on  using essential oils and blends specifically selected to meet the individual’s preferences and goals.  If necessary, custom formulas will be developed for the client.  Each client receives a copy of the plan with specific directions on how to use the recommended essential oils.

FOR QUESTIONS OR TO SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION PLEASE CONTACT US AT 763.742.9972 or info@aromatichealthcare.com