We are a company devoted to harnessing the unique and powerful chemistry of plants through the practice of aromatherapy. In order to deliver the highest quality, we search the world over for the finest sources. We know that true aromatherapy starts with the farmers that grow the plants, and the people that distill them.  All of our oils are from quality artisan distillers and they are either organic, wild harvested or responsibly farmed without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

We are also committed to the ongoing research in our field.  We draw on all sources – historic, scientific, and experiential – to deliver information and products that are therapeutically superior.  Each of our formulas is hand-crafted by a certified aromatherapist with experience, intention and a deep understanding of the craft.

Our commitment to this ancient art reaches far and wide and we are at your service.  From individuals to families, healthcare facilities, corporations, fitness center and more – we aim to consult, train and implement aromatherapy into the lives of anyone and everyone ready to benefit from the power of plants.

Please know that none of the information on this website has been evaluated by the FDA.  Statements made on this website, though thoroughly researched, are for informational purposes and they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The customer is responsible for understanding the safe application of these products and consulting with their health care professionals. Please contact us with any questions