“Love Hygieia oil blends! I tell everyone to get oils from Hygieia! I diffused Deep Sleep and Relaxation just last night actually because I’ve been having trouble sleeping. It works great! The diffuser is one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time!!” – Leah A., MN 3/24/15


“Amazing products – highly recommend them! They are especially good for those of us in dry Colorado!” – Margrit T., CO 7/11/14


Great to have a natural alternative from a trusted source!” – Mare L., MN 6/4/14


“Amazing! (referring to AntiOxidate Me Vitamin C Serum)  Before I started using this product line I struggled with acne. The C Serum has helped reduce acne marks. Also my skin is so much smoother! I get complements all the time!! Recently a makeup artist that had worked on my skin a few times a year ago did my make up again and she was amazed at how much smoother my face was. She asked if I got a face peel lol!”  Melissa N. (model), MN 9/28/13


“Thanks again for EVERYTHING!  Great job and people are still talking about your oils!!!” – Kristin Erickson, Human Resources, Americas Division, Medtronic, Inc. (in response to corporate wellness event) 3/23/15



“I would love it if could send me another bottle of that Pain and Tension blend here! I told Glenn about it too and I think it would help his back. I would so appreciate you doing that. It works wonders!! I have been telling lots of people about it.”  Genevieve D., MN 11/26/14


“The PTSD oils (referring to Traumatic Stress blend) seem to be effective.  Thanks so much!” – Stephanie P., Director of Nursing, St. Anne’s of Winona, MN 7/23/14


“I love my diffuser! It is really beautiful so it adds to the room visually as well. I love how you don’t add water so you get the most efficient delivery of the essential oils, and I use the Breathe Better Blend frequently for my allergies. I love how after just a few deep breaths my sinuses clear and my sneezes disappear. It also makes my house smell great. I highly recommend the BBB during cold and allergy seasons!”  Liz L., Brooklyn Park,MN 3/30/15


“I love Hygieia essential oils. I use the Fatigue Blend in my yoga classes and my students absolutely love the way it opens their lungs and improves their stamina!  Many have asked me where I get it from, they love it that much!”  Veronica DelMoral W., Elk River, MN 3/28/15