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Aromatherapy has a way of supporting the mind, body and soul like nothing else on Earth. It is not a wonder it would earn its place in the dying process. When the soul is ready to let go of the human form, the process can be painful to all involved.

Aromatherapy in the Sauna? Join us @ the Hewing Hotel for Thermaculture Thursday

Recently I was invited to talk all things aromatherapy at one of my favorite spots in Minneapolis while participating in one of my most revered healing activities – the Sauna.

A Journey to the Valley of Roses

Jessica is heading to Bulgaria to study the production of Rose Otto and to meet with local artisans and farmers.

Essential Oils for Allergies, Sinuses and Respiratory Complaints

Essential oils can provide almost instant relief for allergies, sinus and congestion complaints.

Essential Oils and Hypertension

Aromatherapy has been gaining attention for its effect on hypertension. Science validates several essential oils have the ability to decrease blood pressure.

Aromatherapy to Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity

A hectic schedule, kids, and other influences can wear us down and make it difficult to concentrate. Find out how aromatherapy can reduce stress and increase productivity.

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