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Addressing Trauma with Aromatics - A Powerful Connection

As the light continues to shine on the ever-growing problem of human trafficking and child exploitation so should our understanding of trauma continue to grow. I felt now would be a good time to address trauma since this is the largest hurdle victims will face after they are rescued from slavery.

Protest This: The Scourge of Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation

There is a plague much bigger than the pandemic devastating our planet. It lurks around the corner in every city, exists in every country. he victims it has claimed do not get to have a voice because they are held in bondage, slaves that cannot or are too afraid to seek help. Some never escape and many do not survive.

A ​Centering Aromatic Meditation

This short simple meditation is just enough to get you centered. Continue longer to quiet and open the mind. Research shows just 10 minutes a day will lead to better sleep, focus, memory, and overall health and vitality.

Q is for Quarantine (and Quinine)

It has been 20 days since my state (Minnesota) has been in an official state of “shelter in place”. While some areas of the country are considering lifting their orders, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has extended ours not once, but twice in the last week. As of now we have until May 4th.

Skip the Viral Panic and Embrace the Finer Side of Life

That’s right, chill out. And, take matters into your own hands. Self-care the pleasurable way with these powerful aromatic blends that incite a state of bliss, and are backed by hundreds upon hundreds of scientific studies regarding safety and efficacy.

Top Senior Care Hurdles for 2020 and Aromatherapy’s Role as Savior

When your very existence entails disrupting the eldercare sector with fresh solutions to age-old problems, naturally you pay attention to the skuttlebutt.

5 Ways Aromatherapy Supports Hospice Care

Aromatherapy has a way of supporting the mind, body and soul like nothing else on Earth. It is not a wonder it would earn its place in the dying process. When the soul is ready to let go of the human form, the process can be painful to all involved.

Betula Lenta at Sunset

This picture was taken at sunset on my family's land in Northern Minnesota. The following morning I was sitting on my dock, the music of many winged-ones forming a backdrop to my thoughts. The call of the loon, the ducks, and the many others in the surrounding woods, joined me as I recalled Betula lenta.

Easy DIY Beard Oil for Every Man

As facial manes grow from a warm necessity to a fashion statement, beard oil is all the rage for the modern man. Believe it or not, oiling the beard has its roots in history.

Aromatherapy in the Sauna? Join us @ the Hewing Hotel for Thermaculture Thursday

Recently I was invited to talk all things aromatherapy at one of my favorite spots in Minneapolis while participating in one of my most revered healing activities – the Sauna.

A Journey to the Valley of Roses

Jessica is heading to Bulgaria to study the production of Rose Otto and to meet with local artisans and farmers.

Essential Oils for Allergies, Sinuses and Respiratory Complaints

Essential oils can provide almost instant relief for allergies, sinus and congestion complaints.

Essential Oils and Hypertension

Aromatherapy has been gaining attention for its effect on hypertension. Science validates several essential oils have the ability to decrease blood pressure.

Aromatherapy to Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity

A hectic schedule, kids, and other influences can wear us down and make it difficult to concentrate. Find out how aromatherapy can reduce stress and increase productivity.

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