A ​Centering Aromatic Meditation

This simple meditation is just enough to get you centered.  Continue longer to quiet and open the mind. Research shows just 10 minutes a day will lead to better sleep, focus, memory, and overall health and vitality.


  1. Find a comfortable position where you can sit tall (chair, floor, couch, cushion, against a wall)
  2. Roll shoulders up and back a few times, releasing tension
  3. Inhale through the nose and exhale out the mouth a few times to prepare.


Add Aromatherapy via Direct Inhalation:

  1. Pour 1 drop of your favorite oil or blend into your palm and rub hands together
  2. Cup hands over face and close eyes.
  3. Take three full cycles of breath- slow, deep continuous inhales and exhales.  
  4. If aroma is too strong you can pull your hands away from your face a bit.

Begin Meditation:

  1. Release hands to lap, keeping eyes closed and continue to breath deeply.
  2. With each inhale: visualize things that make you happy, set an intention and focus on it, ask for clarity and guidance, or simply begin to detach from your thoughts.
  3. With each exhale:  let go of tension, worry, grief, fear and the need to control.

Continue for 10 cycles and then slowly open your eyes and gently return to life. That’s it!  Take a quick break as needed or make it a daily practice.

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