Betula Lenta at Sunset

I've been watching this tree grow my entire life. Peeling off the paper like bark, unknowingly getting closer to her powers. Little did I know when I was young, that I would grow to understand her inside out.  As I grew into my womanhood, my vocation would involve her essence.

Betula lenta is a variety of sweet birch. It is plentiful on this continent. The inner bark resin contains an essence that is almost pure salicylate. Highly anti inflammatory, anti coagulation it is Betula that helped shape modern Aspirin. She is also respiratory queen helping us to breathe deeper during illness and grief. Spiritually she aids us in overcoming inertia, fear and sadness. Truly she was meant to heal the heart space, and I mean that most literally. She's has many other benefits. Soothing to muscles, you will find her in Finnish Sauna, stimulating in skin care and even famously known for her role in a fermented soda known as Birch Beer.  That's my Betula.


P.S. Here is a wonderful, warming blend for soothing muscles and stimulating the senses.

Ingredient Description Amount
Sweet Birch EO Analgesic, Cooling 6 drops
Fresh Ginger EO Anti-Inflammatory, Warming 4 drops
Cardamom EO Warming 4 drops
Marjoram EO Muscle Relaxant 4 drops
Wild Orange EO Mood enhancing, Anti-inflammatory 8 drops
Carrier Oil Your Choice 1 oz/30 ml


Mix essential oils well with 1 ounce carrier oil into a 1 oz amber dropper bottle.


Apply topically as needed to sore, tired muscles and joints.

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