Easy DIY Beard Oil for Every Man

Who doesn’t love a good smelling man? 

As facial manes grow from a warm necessity to a fashion statement, beard oil is all the rage for the modern man.  Believe it or not, oiling the beard has its roots in history.  The first documented oil can be traced back to Babylonian times when sesame seed oil was reportedly used by men on their beards.  Ancient Greeks were proud of their beards also as documented by the burly men depicted in their statues.  During Victorian times the British developed what would be the inspiration for the modern beard oil, a hair product which they called Macassar Oil. 

Today men around the world are relishing their beards while partaking in their own oiling ritual by running nourishing aromatic oil through their facial hair and even the locks on their head.  A quality natural beard oil softens, moisturizes and helps to keep the beard and skin underneath clean and healthy while stimulating new growth.  Some say the soothing aromatic oil and accompanying ritual may even help tame the beast within.

What makes a good beard oil? 

The best beard oil comes from nature.  Avoid cheap petro-derived ingredients like mineral oil that have no real benefit.  Making your own beard oil is not only easy and fun but gives men control over the aroma and properties of their beard oil.  This is a fun activity for couples, fathers and their children or the bachelor pad!

Use nourishing carrier oils such as Jojoba which encourages hair growth, tackles blemishes and balances moisture, Argan which is known for it’s hair-softening, shine enhancing properties and Sunflower which is light yet hydrating and rich in Vitamin E.  These make a perfectly balanced blend that is also anti-inflammatory and soothing to facial skin and scalp.

Essential oils not only impart a heavenly masculine scent, but also play a huge role in beard health.  We suggest starting with the following recipe. Cedarwood is grounding, earthy and sweet.  It is a staple in all hair oils because it stimulates growth while clearing excess oil, flakes and dandruff.  Lavender is herbal, refreshing and calming with anti-inflammatory, growth stimulating and antimicrobial properties.  Lemon is antibacterial, cleansing, imparts shine while and brightening the mood.  Spruce is woody and many, while energizing and stimulating to the mind and body, including hair follicles.

This simple recipe can be used as a guide to create the perfectly tailored beard oil for any man.  All ingredients can be purchased together in our DIY Beard Oil Creation Kit - a perfect gift for any man in your life!   Or, create your own from our entire collection.

Ingredient Description Amount
Lavender EO Relaxing and Anti-inflammatory 4 drops
Cedarwood EO Earthy and Stimulates Hair Growth 6 drops
Spruce Woody and Energizing 6 drops
Lemon EO Bright and Cleansing 8 drops
Carrier Oil Your Choice or our Nourishing Hair Blend 1 oz/30 ml


Add essential oils to carrier oil, cap bottle and roll vigorously between the palms for a minute until all oils are mixed thoroughly.  Shake well if needed.


Beard oil is best applied daily after the shower.  If you’re just beginning to grow your beard:  start with 3-4 drops, rub gently in palms first and then massage into the face.  Add a drop or two as needed as your beard grows.  Always start by massaging into the face and then stroke the rest of the oil through your mustache and beard.  Remember too much oil is never fun, so always start with less and add more as needed.

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