Skip the Viral Panic and Embrace the Finer Side of Life

That’s right, chill out.  And, take matters into your own hands. Self-care the pleasurable way with these powerful aromatic blends that incite a state of bliss, and are backed by hundred upon hundreds of scientific studies regarding safety and efficacy.

Corona viruses are a simple as the common cold or more complex such as COVID-19 but one thing is for certain: our bodies are amazing at adapting and surviving just about anything or we wouldn’t be here today. Especially when they are well cared for. Like the engine of a car, good oil helps us go a long way.

Errrr! The sound of brakes

What say you?

That’s right, essential oils.  They smell good, and they’re good for you.  I say it all the time.

Good health during trying times really comes down to three elements: 

  • Prevention
  • Proper Digestion
  • Less Stress and Good Rest


Studied extensively for their antimicrobial and antiviral properties, they can actually help us fight off illness and kill microbes.  These immune loving droplets build us up, and can protect us while combating the bad guys. Used via diffusion and inhalation they get into our bodies when we breathe.  Applied topically such as to our lymph area on our neck, they pass through the skin into our tissues and bloodstream.

Essential oils inactivate viruses by inhibiting their ability to replicate and preventing them from attaching to cells and infecting a host.

There are literally hundreds of scientific studies demonstrating the anti-viral actions of essential oils. They are rich in molecules which are effective at inactivating enveloped viruses.  COVID-19 also known as the Corona Virus happens to be an enveloped virus.

Essential oils inactivate viruses by inhibiting their ability to replicate and preventing them from attaching to cells and infecting a host as explained here and here. Meanwhile they have a positive impact on our immune system as a whole, thereby protecting us from illness from both sides.

Resistance is an antiviral blend proven to kill microbes and enhance immunity.


I’ll spare the lecture about overindulgence of inflammatory foods, and simply remind you that it is important to digest well.  Adding aromatics herbs and spices to foods, not only makes them taste delish but also serves the powerful purpose of helping us digest.  Powerful essential oils like Ginger, Fennel, Anise and more stimulate gastric enzymes to encourage better digestion and are anti-inflammatory for our guts which aids further in nutrient absorption.  If you care to eliminate sugar, wheat, etc. you stand an even better chance at surviving any disease, including the corona virus, COVID-19.

Assimilate stimulates the digestive process to encourage better digestion and assimilation of nutrients from our food.


Need I say that twice? In fact, our own U.S. Surgeon General said it recently himselfthe panic and hysteria around this virus is more detrimental to our health than the disease itself.  There is nothing more toxic than stress and poor sleep as it relates to modern disease. Body, mind, and spirit are at stake.  When we are relaxed and resting our body goes into repair mode.  Our brain gets a break, too.  We come out on the other side rejuvenated and able to handle stress and fight illness better. We need this in today’s world more than ever. 

According to the U.S. Surgeon General the panic and hysteria around this virus is more detrimental to our health than the disease itself.

Perhaps the most common ways aromatherapy is used today is to do just that – chill out and sleep better.  Also backed by plenty of science, essential oils make you feel good, increase neurotransmitters in the brain, impact the limbic system associated with stress and emotions, etc. and even reduce cortisol which is produce by our bodies as a response to stress. Essential oils as simple as lavender promote longer, deeper more quality sleep

Tranquility (one of our most popular blends) is like heaven in a bottle, deeply relaxing and promotes a good night’s sleep.

Exercise, sunshine, and limiting toxins are all important, also.  Never has there been a better time to begin implementing healthy lifestyle changes that allow us to harness our bodies innate ability to fight disease.

Like I said, no need to panic.  Don't cancel your travel plans if you can help it and please, don't pull out of the stock market.  Instead remember: it is 2020 and our species is still here alive and kicking. Some of that probably has to do with nature and our unique relationship with it. So, ride the wave folks.  And, ENJOY THE RIDE by slathering yourself with aromatics that are pleasurable and powerful that naturally make us feel good.

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